Commercial Capability of yet another CPG Company strengthened by Asbicon Learning

“Asbicon Learning” strengthens capability of yet another “Consumer Goods” Sales team with it’s unique approach. Great feedback is much appreciated!

We are proud to serve the Consumer Goods sector in Sales & Marketing capability building through Asbicon Learning led by Rachel Osbourne (nee Dingwall). Asbicon Learning ( courses are built upon real experiences, easy implementable approach and with enjoyable learning experiences for delegates in mind.

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Asbicon Learning courses are now CPD certified.
Sales & Shopper Marketing training now with an international accreditation!

• World-class Sales & Shopper Marketing training for all levels
• Choose between Online Training, Virtual Assisted Learning or Classroom Training
• Accumulate CPD points through Asbicon Learning

Do you want to create a team of Sales & Shopper Marketing Superstars? At Asbicon, we’ve teamed up with CPD (, the leading independent accreditation institution operating across industry sectors to bring you fully accredited Sales & Shopper Marketing courses that deliver tangible results.

Asbicon Learning, the capability development arm of Asbicon Group, is based on the structured and progressive methodology of GAIN and WIN, which has been specifically developed for the Consumer Goods and Services sector. Asbicon Learning enables this through a combination of virtual and physical training sessions across the world. Clients have high flexibility of choosing Single person – Single learning capsule training through to a full calendar of training based on GAIN and WIN for hundreds of employees.

These internationally recognised courses are great for your business as a whole, but they also add great value to your employees’ careers. Our extensive collection of Sales & Shopper Marketing training content is perfect for Sales and/ or Shopper Marketing professionals no matter what stage they are in their careers.

Do your employees have continuous professional development targets to meet each year? Every hour of CPD training enables you to earn 1 CPD point and hit your yearly targets. For more information on how to become a CPD certified Sales & Shopper Marketing professional, please visit

Asbicon’s “GAIN and WIN” makes it simple to Win in Sales & with Shoppers

In our quest to enable the success and ambitions of Consumer Goods professionals and organisations, Asbicon teams put a lot of thought and effort to create a simple and structured methodology – GAIN and WIN.

GAIN and WIN is based on four key pillars:

  1. G – Get New Customers
  2. A – Augment Customer Spend
  3. I – Increase Frequency of Purchase
  4. N – Nurture & Grow Profits

This allows organisations and individuals to build capabilities and provide business solutions as the market needs and complexities evolve. It also allows an organisation to enable its Sales & Shopper Marketing teams with required levels of capabilities based on seniority and roles that they are responsible for. For e.g. Entry level & Junior Sales people can benefit by being proficient in all the capsules of G pillar, while the Senior Sales & Shopper Marketing professionals can drive further value from the capsules of A & I pillars. The N pillar further provides support to the Senior Management.

Asbicon has a lot of further content structured on the GAIN and WIN methodology which can be mapped to individual business needs. To see the GAIN and WIN methodology in detail and to find out how Asbicon can help drive further value through your Sales & Shopper Marketing functions, please visit or write to us on We would love to take you through the methodology in detail and explore how it can help you.


Team Asbicon

(Asbicon is a “Sales & Marketing Support Company” focused on the Consumer Goods & Services sector. Asbicon enables this through its 6 verticals of Research, Assisted Advisory, Capability Development, Data services , Dezign services & IT solutions providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients)


What are the right KPIs to focus on and how many? How do I read my Value Chain?

We might be able to help

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4-Steps to Acquire & Retain Customers or Product Listings

Dedicated to Consumer Goods Businesses and Professionals and their journey towards enabling their ambitions.

Earlier in the year, Asbicon launched its proprietary and trademarked methodology “GAIN and WIN” focused on helping deliver the growth aspirations of organisations and individuals in the Consumer Goods and Services sector through Winning in Sales and with Shoppers. The methodology streamlines and structures the efforts to acquire & retain customers or product listings.

We are now ready to further bring this to life with some live examples and success stories in our upcoming complimentary webinar. We will also be sharing some industry leading tools specially designed for Consumer Goods and Services professionals in this webinar. You might be in for some exciting surprises if you join us on the day. We are saving those exclusively for our Webinar attendees.

We would love it if you could join us at our webinar on Wednesday, 12th July 2017 at 13:00hrs (UK Time) where Asbicon Group’s Managing Director, Ankur Shiv Bhandari and the Global Head of Asbicon Learning, Rachel Osbourne will be sharing their thoughts on this unique and industry-leading approach to support growth in the Consumer Goods and Services sector.

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(Asbicon is a Consumer Goods & Services specialist firm focused on “Delivering Growth Aspirations” of Aspiring Brands. Asbicon enables this through its 5 verticals of Capability Development, Dezign services, Assisted Advisory, Research & Data services providing Retail & Distribution effectiveness to its clients)